New Partnership Announcement

Conduiit, a leading specialist in data analytics and digital consultancy within the Sport & Leisure sector are delighted to announce a 3-year agreement with England Athletics to act as its National Athletics Facilities Data Supplier.

Conduiit fuses top-tier consultancy, experience and industry knowledge with real-time data and reporting all driven through its bespoke software platforms. Conduiit’s’ Data Analysts and Consultants will work with the team at England Athletics to enhance the NGB’s strategic direction, financial planning and grassroots engagement.

Gary Johnson Conduiit Ltd says:

“Collaborating with Ed, Emma and the team at England Athletics is a fantastic opportunity for Conduiit.

We have started to build out the environment unique to England Athletics and are already seeing insights driven by historic data sets. As we build dynamic modelling into our structure, we will increasingly be able to

scenario test at depth and guide England Athletics in their future direction. This intuitive partnership revolutionises how applied data, its use and accessibility can deliver tangible benefits across the athletics community”.

Ed Hunt –  England Athletics Facilities and Planning Manager says:

“All sports need places to participate and track & field athletics and running are no different.

It is vital that we have the right facilities in the right places and that this is determined by a robust and up to date analysis of athletics needs – from beginners lacing up their trainers for the first time to elite athletes with ambitions to compete on the global stage.

By working with Gary and the team at Conduiit we will have access to a detailed analysis of every athletics facility in the country. From financial profiling: income, expenditure and lifecycle costs; to usage and catchment data the Conduiit software platform will help to paint a detailed picture of athletics facility provision in England.”

Emma Davenport England Athletics Head of Clubs and Participation, notes

“the positive impact that the Conduiit software will have on supporting existing athletics facilities and also on planning and supporting new facilities:

We will use this data to support our strategic facility planning and also to support venue operators to look after and make the most of their athletics facilities in terms of both usage and revenue generation.

The Conduiit package will also allow us to model new provision and help make a case for a new generation of athletics facilities designed to meet the demands of participation in track & field and running both now and in the future.”

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New Partnership Announcement
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