About Conduiit

Data is only as useful as the decisions that can be made from it.

We believe in the power of data to revolutionise the way we work, interact, and make informed decisions.  We support you to make the most of your information, dynamically and in Real-Time, to drive tangible benefits.

Our Bespoke Business Intelligence Reports are dynamic, highly interactive, and intuitive. Our user-friendly services facilitate data analysis from high level through to increasingly granular detail. Enabling improved strategic planning as well as enhancing day-to-day decision making.

The Conduiit Story

Conduiit has been set up by the two Gar(r)ys following on from the success of their other companies within the sport and leisure sector. These companies have specialised in a variety of aspects in the leisure industry from sport consultancy, facility and surface maintenance, software and data usage through to feasibility studies, investment portfolios and new facility provision.

Conduiit has been born out of the need to connect all aspects of provision, facility management consultancy and with data. With vast amounts of information and data now available Conduiit provides the link between people, software and action to ensure informed decision making, deliverable outcomes and smarter investments.

This unique approach ensures the very best service for partners, listening to their needs and challenges and working with them to reach the best path forwards.

'The Conduiit Offering'

We connect with our clients to make informed decisions with confidence utilising the very best technological solutions to support in the delivery / interpretation of real time data.