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Meet the Team

We are delighted to introduce you to the Conduiit team, which is led by Gary Johnson. The Conduiit team fuses experience and sector specialist knowledge, Real-Time data analysis and innovative software, to provide a distinct blend of technology solutions alongside our our Data Analysts, Data Guru’s and the full Consultancy team.

Gary is happy to answer any questions:

Gary Johnson

Gary has extensive experience of delivering fantastic solutions to the Sport, Leisure, Education, and Commercial sectors. With a proven track record in delivering clear solutions to complex projects, as a team we will bring to life your data through real-time interpretation in a personable and informed way.

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Bespoke Development Team

Garry Martin
Group CEO

Garry has been in the industry for over 20 years. He recently set up Conduiit following the success of his other companies operating in the leisure sector: Replay Maintenance and digital software company Passport 365. Garry provides additional support and expertise to the team, with a particular focus on ensuring the software is accessible and efficient to create a bespoke service solution that will have a long-lasting impact on your project.

Tim Ratley
Software Specialist

Tim is a software and business intelligence professional who specialises in ensuring that data is captured reported and analysed in the most efficient way. Working with Passport 365, Tim has help develop some of the most efficient ways for sports business to capture, view and use its data.

Amy Hart
Finance Director

Amy comes with over 20 years of experience in finance and a lifetime love of sport and physical activity. Amy is Finance Director for the group of companies including Replay Maintenance and Passport365, sister companies of Conduiit.

Hannah Forey
Data Specialist

Hannah has been a key part of Passport365 since its creation, helping users get the most out of the system and ensuring it meets their needs. Hannah will be involved from data gathering and analysis through to end delivery ensuring the delivery produce meets the needs of end users.

The Conduiit Solution – Data Analysts / Data Guru’s and Consultancy Team

The Conduiit team is further enhanced by its Data Analysts and Data Guru’s working largely in the background to support the consultancy team to provide the most efficient and effective solution for your projects.

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