Benchmarking Service

Completing an Options Appraisal, building a new leisure venue or looking for data insights, our Benchmarking solution compiles all of our Industry Related Knowledge and Sector Specific Data.

Our solution:

A key challenge when benchmarking is finding the most relevant and up to date data, and then ensuring information is comparable.

The Conduiit Benchmarking Service provides targeted, up to date and accurate data that is displayed in a way that fits your project specific requirements.

This is achieved by collating and organising multiple data sources.

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Conduiit Solution

Conduiit Solution

  • The impact of the service
  • Value for money
  • Return on investment
  • Social Value
  • Provides clear benchmarking of performance
  • Highlights areas for improvement
  • Monitor contract compliance

Benchmarking Service

Benchmarking Capabilities

Benchmarking Capabilities

  • Reviewing Data and Performance
  • Applying Due Diligence
  • Identifying Relevant Data
  • Compare Key Data Points
Benchmarking Service

Benchmarking Service

  • Clear and Targeted Data
  • User Friendly Presentation
  • Multiple Data Source Analysis
  • Experienced Analysts and Consultants
Benchmarking Outcomes

Benchmarking Outcomes

  • Benchmarking with Confidence
  • Risk Analysis
  • Identify Areas of Opportunity
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Smarter Investment

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